Oasys Plus 
Double Chamber System 
Clean Glass System 
Load Level Sensor 
Modulation System 
Model designed for easy access to maintenance service 
Model Compatible with Kit Wifi 
Power max (kW)9,6
Power min-max (kW)8,4-3,6
Efficiency (%)88-93
Consumption min-max. (kg/h)0,78-1,9
Electric power (W)150-300
Heating capacity (m3)210
Hopper capacity (Kg)11,6
Vermiculite inside 
Autonomous (h) (min-max)6,1-14,9
Weight (kg)80
Smoke exit tube diameter (mm)80
Air inlet tube diameter (mm)40
Forced ventilation1x270
Compatible accesories not includedKIT WIFI
  • FastOn
  • Oasys Plus
  • Clean Glass System
  • Double Chamber System
  • Load Level Sensor
  • Modulation System
  • Model designed for easy access to maintenance service
  • Model Compatible with Kit Wifi
  • Programmable
  • Power max: 9,6kw
  • Power min-max: 3,6-8,4kw
  • Efficiency (%): 88-93%
  • Consumption min-max. (kg/h): 0,78-1,9kg/h
  • Electric power (W): 150-300W
  • Heating capacity (m3): 150m3
  • Tank capacity (Kg): 11,6 kg
  • Vermiculite interior
  • Autonomy (h) (min-max): 6,1-14,9h
  • Weight (kg): 80kg
  • Smoke exit tube diameter (mm): 80mm
  • Air inlet tube diameter (mm): 40mm
  • Forced ventilation: 1x270
  • S1
  • Compatible accesories not included: KIT WIFI
 ce 14785 Flamme Verte ECO Design 15aB-VG l.BimSchV
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