Hydroartica 34
Modulation System 
Model designed for easy access to maintenance service 
Power max (kW)37,3
Power max-min (kW)34,3-12
Power with olive stone max (kW)37,6
Power with olive stone (kW)34,5
Power transferred to the water (kW)31,4-10,4
Power transferred to the water with bone (kW)31,3
Efficiency (%)92-96
Efficiency with bone(%)92
Consumption max-min (kg/h)7,6-2,5
Consumption with olive stone (kg/h)8,3
CPower consumption (W)150-500
Heating capacity (m3)785
Heating bone capacity (m3)782
Hopper capacity (Kg)154
Metalic inside 
Cast-iron burner 
 Autonomy (h) (min-max)13-40
Autonomous with bone(h) (min-max)13
Weight (kg)310
Fume outlet diameter (mm)100
Air inlet diameter (mm)80
Working pressure (bar)1,5
Working maximum pressure (bar)2,5
Closed expansion vessel (l)8
Maximum service temperature (ºC)40/80
Valve for drinning water 
Water pump 
Underfloor heating (m2)314*
Nº radiator elements225*
Underfloor heating (m2)313*
Nº radiator elements224*
Hermetic tank
Management Heating / ACS
S2:Security systems: Safety thermostat pellet, Safety thermostat water, Air flow switch, Pressure switch, Safety valve 3 bar 
Compatible accesories not includedVAL-02/VAL-04/CRONO-01/PE-130
  • Oasys
  • Modulation System
  • Model designed for easy access to maintenance service
  • Model Compatible with Kit Gprs
  • Programmable
  • Power max: 37,3kw
  • Power max-min: 34,3-12kw
  • Power with olive stone max: 37,6kw
  • Power with olive stone: 34,5kw
  • Power transferred to the water: 31,4-10,4kw
  • Power transferred to the water with olive stone: 31,3kw
  • Efficiency: 92-96 %
  • Efficiency with bone: 92%
  • Consumption max-min: 7,6-2,5 kg/h
  • Consumption with bone: 8,3kg/h
  • Power consumption: 150-500W
  • Heating capacity (m3): 785 m3
  • Heating capacity with olive stone (m3): 782m3
  • Tank capacity: 154 liters
  • Metallic interior
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Autonomy (min-max): 13-40h
  • Autonomy with olive stone (min-max): 9,8-32h
  • Weight: 310kg
  • Fume outlet diameter: 100mm
  • Air inlet diameter: 80mm
  • Multifuel
  • Working pressure: 1,5bar
  • Working maximum pressure: 2,5bar
  • Closed expansion vessel: 8 l
  • Maximum service temperature: 40/80°C
  • Valve for drinning water
  • Circulating pump
  • Underfloor heating: 314*(m2)
  • Nº radiator elements: 225*
  • Underfloor heating with olive stone: 313*(m2)
  • Nº radiator elements with olive stone: 224*
  • Hermetic tank
  • Management Heating / Sanitary Water
  • S2:Security system: S2. Safety thermostat pellet, Safety thermostat water, Air flow switch, Safety valve 3 bar, Pressure setting valve
  • Compatible accesories not included: VAL-02/VAL-04/CRONO-01/PE-130
  • Multifuel boiler certified for burning pellet and olive stones
  • Fully automatic cleaning of exchangers and burner
  • Stainless steel support and scrapers
  • New version of the base-cleaning system
  • Black heat resistant paint and epoxy paint coating
  • Stainless steel handles and cast-iron burner
  • Thermally insulated chamber
  • Combustion chamber window
  • Automatic air vent included.
  • Double door with vermiculite interior
  • Exterior door with thermal insulation
  • LCD Display with light for easy operation in dark room
  • Height adjustable levelling feet
  • Easy  access fro cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • * The calculation of radiators and underfloor heating has been determined according to normal conditions of a house insulation, located in a temperate zone. Aluminium radiator elements have been considered with a height of 60cm and a temperature difference of 50º, 120 kcal/element. Check characteristics (power) of the radiator.
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