Alpes Hydro
Oasys Plus 
Double Chamber System 
Clean Glass System 
Load Level Sensor 
Modulation System 
Model designed for easy access to maintenance service 
Model Compatible with Kit Wifi 
Power max (kW)16,9
Power max-min (kW)15,5-4,7
Power transferred to the air (kW) max-min2-0,4
Power transferred to the water (kW)13,5-4,3
Efficiency (%)92-96
Consumption min-max. (kg/h)3,4-0,98
CElectric power (W)150-400
Heating capacity (m3)387
Hopper capacity (Kg)21
Metalic inside 
Cast-iron burner 
Autonomy (h) (min-max)6,1-21,4
Weight (kg)135
Smoke exit tube diameter (mm)80
Air inlet tube diameter (cm)50
Working pressure (bar)1,5
Working maximum pressure (bar)2,5
Remote control or switchboard 
Closed expansion vessel (l)6
Maximum service temperature (ºC)80
Valve for drinning water 
Water pump 
Underfloor heating (m2)130*
Nº radiator elements96*
S2:Security systems: Safety thermostat pellet, Safety thermostat water, Air flow switch, Pressure switch or pressure tansducer, Safety valve 3 bar 
Compatible accesories not includedKIT WIFI/VAL-02/VAL-04/CRONO-01
  • Oasys Plus
  • Double Chamber System
  • Clean Glass System
  • Load Level Sensor
  • Modulation System
  • Model designed for easy access to maintenance service
  • Model Compatible with Kit Wifi
  • Programmable
  • Power max: 16,9kw
  • Power max-min: 15,5-4,7kw
  • Power transferred to the air max-min: 2-0,4kw
  • Power transferred to the water max-min: 13,5-4,3kw
  • Efficiency : 92-96%
  • Consumption max-min : 3,4-0,98kg/h
  • Electric power : 150-400W
  • Heating capacity: 387m3
  • Tank capacity: 21 kg
  • Metallic interior
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Autonomy (min-max): 21,4-6,1h
  • Weight: 135kg
  • Smoke exit tube diameter: 80mm
  • Air inlet tube diameter: 50mm
  • Working pressure: 1,5bar
  • Working maximum pressure: 2,5bar
  • Remote control or switchboard
  • Closed expansion vessel: 6 l
  • Maximum service temperature:80°C
  • Valve for drinning water
  • Circulating pump
  • Underfloor heating: 130*(m2)
  • Nº radiator elements: 96*
  • Security system: S2. Safety thermostat pellet, Safety thermostat water, Air flow switch, Safety valve 3 bar, Pressure setting valve
  • Compatible accesories not included: KIT WIFI/VAL-02/VAL-04/CRONO-01
  • * The calculation of radiators and underfloor heating has been determined according to normal conditions of a house insulation, located in a temperate zone. Aluminium radiator elements have been considered with a height of 60cm and a temperature difference of 50º, 120 kcal/element. Check characteristics (power) of the radiator.
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