Clean Glass System 
Security System in Fans 
Low Emissions System 
Power (kW)12,5
Efficiency (%)79
Consumption (kg/h)3,8
Heating capacity (m3)313
interior vermiculita 
elaborado fund chapa 
Weight (kg)85
Smoke exit tube diameter (mm)150
Air channel (diameter and exit tube number)2x120
Forced ventilation2x160
Useful chamber measures585x250x304
Maximum logs size (cm)60
  • Clean Glass System
  • Security System in Fans
  • Low Emissions System
  • Heating power: 12,5kw
  • Efficiency (%):79%
  • Consumption (kg/h): 3,8kg/h
  • Heating capacity (m3):313m3
  • Vermiculite inside
  • Manufactured in cast-iron and sheet
  • Weight (kg): 85kg
  • Smoke exit tube diameter (mm): 150mm
  • Air channel (diameter and exit tube number): 2x120
  • Forced ventilation: 2x160
  • Useful chamber measures: 585x250x304mm
  • Maximum logs size (cm): 60cm
Flamme Verte pr16510-13229
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