Cocina 90
Clean Glass System 
Multifuel System 
Power (kW)9
Coal Power (kW)9
Efficiency (%)60
Coal efficiency (%)62
Consumption (kg/h)4,2
Heating capacity (m3)225
Heating caol capacity (m3)225
Ceramic inside 
Manufactured in sheet 
Weight (kg)130
Smoke exit tube diameter (mm)150
Useful chamber measures175x250x400
Useful oven measures270x350x470
Maximum logs size (cm)37
Smoke outlet at the top, back or rise
  • Clean Glass System
  • Multifuel System
  • Heating power: 9kw
  • Coal power: 9kw
  • Efficiency (%): 60%
  • Coal efficiency (%): 62%
  • Consumption (kg/h): 4,2kg/h
  • Heating capacity (m3): 225m3
  • Heating caol capacity (m3): 225m3
  • Ceramic inside
  • Manufactured in sheet
  • Weight (kg): 130kg
  • Smoke exit tube diameter (mm): 150mm
  • Useful chamber measures: 175x250x400mm
  • Useful oven measures: 270x500x470mm
  • Maximum logs size (cm): 37cm
  • Smoke outlet at the top, back or rise
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