It is an interconnected hydraulic system that allows supply heat, in a fully automatic mode, for domestic heating from two alternative energy sources, keeping the respective circuits hydraulically separated. The most typical application is one in which there is an inter-connection of a domestic heating installation, including a heating chimney and a gas/oil boiler, as indicated in the scheme.
Operation: the unit allows to intercommunicate with the domestic heating adding to the heat produced by a traditional gas boiler (or similar) another heat produced by an alternative heat source. This is possible thanks to a heat exchanger that allows to transfer heat between two circuits hydraulically separated, one with a closed vessel (boiler) and the other with an open vessel (alternative heat source, typically a wood boiler or similar). In order to do this, it is provided inside: a plate heat exchanger, two pumps, a diverter valve and electronic regulator.
  • Dimensions: Length: 375 mm. Height: 552 mm. Depth: 185 mm.
  • Electrical characteristics: Supply 230Vac. Frequency 50Hz. Power consumption < 200 W.
  • Hydraulic connections: Heating chimney connector G 3/4” - 1. Installation connector G 3/4”. Sanitary connector G 3/4”.