Surround System Oven 
Double Chamber System 
Clean Glass System 
Power (kW)10
Efficiency (%)76
Consumption (kg/h)3
Heating capacity (m3)250
Metalic inside 
Manufactured in cast-iron and steel 
Weight (kg)140
Useful oven measures500x250x400
Smoke exit tube diameter (mm)200
Useful chamber measures530x369x400
Maximum logs size (cm)55
  • Surround System Oven
  • Double Chamber System
  • Clean Glass System
  • Heating power: 10kw
  • Efficiency (%): 76%
  • Consumption (kg/h): 3kg/h
  • Heating capacity (m3): 250m3
  • Metalic inside
  • Manufactured in cast-iron and steel
  • Weight (kg): 140kg
  • Smoke exit tube diameter (mm): 200mm
  • Useful chamber measures: 530x369x400mm
  • Useful oven measures: 500x250x400mm
  • Maximum logs size (cm): 55cm
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